The National Mall is one of the most iconic and meaningful places in the world and a reminder of America's complex and storied history.

We steward private support to design and deliver modern and resilient solutions that will transform the visitor experience and preserve the historic legacy of the National Mall. Your contribution to improving the National Mall will enrich the visitor experience for this and future generations. 

The Trust for the National Mall is an official non-profit partner of the National Park Service.


About Us

The National Mall belongs to all of us. Find out more about our mission to improve the symbol of our democracy and gathering place for all.

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Active projects

We are always at work on projects ranging from the restoration of iconic monuments to the transformation of underutilized sites on the National Mall.

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The Trust for the National Mall is teaming up with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to help save the Tidal Basin.

The first phase of this three-year campaign is to design, host, and share results from an Ideas Lab presented by American Express, which will invite five world-class architecture and landscape design firms to re-imagine the future of the Tidal Basin with innovative and forward-thinking historic preservation solutions. Together, we will overcome the complex preservation issues affecting the Tidal Basin.

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Damage from weather, flooding and foot traffic pose an enduring threat to the beloved cherry trees on the National Mall. The Trust for the National Mall and National Cherry Blossom Festival are working together to preserve and protect the trees.

Whether you choose to start a team, or dedicate a tree to your family and loved ones, we invite you to join us in this powerful campaign to fund the care, maintenance and replacement of the iconic cherry trees on the National Mall.

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