Introducing: The Lockkeepers Collection

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This fall, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly restored Lockkeeper's House on the National Mall. Now, we are proud to introduce a bespoke collection of exquisitely handcrafted lock and key jewelry - symbolizing our commitment to preserving our country's rich history and unlocking its limitless possibility for generations to come. 

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The Collection
The collection is designed to uplift the human spirit through its elegance and timeless beauty and to serve as a reminder that we each hold the key to unlocking our country’s, and our own, potential. A portion of each sale, equaling fifty percent, from this collection will be donated to the Trust for the National Mall, furthering our mission to transform the visitor experience and preserve the historic legacy of the National Mall.

The Beckstead Family
Sherrie Beckstead’s design and concept for this very special Limited Edition jewelry collection is inspired by the Lockkeeper’s House story and by her deep love for preservation, education, and America’s history. Sherrie serves on the National Advisory Council for the Trust for the National Mall. Sidney & Sherrie Beckstead are partners in the luxury jewelry stores, Liljenquist & Beckstead Jewelers. Their family worked with a regional team of master craftsmen on this project, and they are fully committed to the use of ethically sourced diamonds adhering to the Kimberly Process.