Universal Accessibility at the Jefferson Memorial

Dedicated in 1943, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial honors the legacy of our nation's third president and Founding Father. The Memorial sits at the southern end of the Tidal Basin, in direct line with the Washington Monument and White House and adjacent to the famous Japanese Cherry Trees lining the Tidal Basin. The circular, open-air structure features a shallow dome of 54 columns constructed of marble and limestone. Within the interior chamber stands a 19 foot tall statue of Jefferson surrounded by quotations from his famous writings carved into the walls. The Memorial is one of our nation's most iconic landmarks and one of the most visited on the National Mall.

At 75 years old, the memorial has undergone various repairs and rehabilitation efforts over the course of its life. Significant public and private funding is needed to address serious structural failures, remove biofilm, improve universal accessibility for all visitors, enhance and expand the exhibits, and construct a permanent security perimeter to ensure the long-term protection of the memorial. 

The Trust is supporting just one piece of the broader improvement efforts, focusing on programmatic and facility improvements to accessibility.

See the State of the National Mall Report for more details on this project.