Help Preserve the Cherry Blossoms

In partnership with the National Park Service and National Cherry Blossom Festival, the Trust for the National Mall is working to ensure the protection and preservation of the iconic trees and beloved cherry blossom festival experience.

What you should know

  • The magnificent, flowering trees lining the Tidal Basin attract more than 1.5 million visitors annually to
    the National Mall.

  • Heavy foot traffic during the blooming season compacts the soil, restricting oxygen to the tree roots.

  • Repeated flooding caused by the eroding Tidal Basin seawall are an enduring threat to the beloved trees.

How your donation will help

  • Did you know each year approximately 90 failing trees are replaced at a cost of $600 per tree?

  • Limited public funds are not sufficient to annually maintain the trees and surrounding grounds.

  • The Cherry Tree Endowment will expand the efforts of the National Park Service to provide optimal care for the beloved trees including soil maintenance, tree replacement, and additional pruning and watering. Your gift today will preserve this national treasure for the future.