Lockkeeper's House

We're Restoring the Lockkeeper's House

The Lockkeeper's House — the oldest structure on the National Mall — has been relocated as part of a major restoration project that will transform the site with a new visitor-friendly entrance, surrounding outdoor plaza and educational displays.

Untouched for more than 40 years, the 180-year old structure will soon welcome visitors from around the world to the National Mall.

Your donation today can support the final stages of this project.

The restoration of the Lockkeeper's House would not have been possible without generous support from: 

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Volkswagen Group of America


American Express

A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Dr. Scholl Foundation

The Hon. C. Boyden Gray

Field Report No. 6

As part of our ongoing series of reports from the field, let us tell you about the final elements of restoration work that have been completed to transform the historic structure. 

New mortar has been applied to secure the stones along the bottom of the house that were replaced following the move. For consistency, all stones in the structure were repointed with the new mortar – which was created using a sample from the original mortar and tested in a lab for accuracy.

A beautiful roof distinguishes the house with new cedar shingles that resemble the original roof. The chimneys were rebuilt with locally sourced historic bricks to restore the original design of the Lockkeeper’s House.

Granite stones were installed in the sidewalk to outline the two previous locations of the house, bringing forward that piece of history into the contemporary visitor experience. A new plaza with seating walls has been installed to welcome visitors as the site becomes a new gateway to the National Mall experience.

The planting of perennial flowers and plants on the site will continue into the spring to complement the newly installed 25-foot-tall willow oak tree on the East side of the house.

For pictures highlighting each phase of the renovation,
please enjoy the slideshow below.