U.S. Park Police Horse Stables

Campaign to Rebuild the U.S. Park Police Horse Stables


A Storied Unit

The U.S. Park Police Horse Mounted Unit is one of the oldest police equestrian units in the United States. Established in 1934, it consisted of one horse rented from a local stable. As the value of the mounted unit was proven, it expanded to an operational strength that patrols and provides protection in the Washington metro area. Situated south of the Lincoln Reflecting Pool between the Korean War Memorial and D.C. War Memorial, the existing facilities provide stables for up to 20 horses used daily by the Park Police to patrol the National Mall and adjoining areas.

Safety Concerns for Officer and Horses

The existing stable was originally constructed in 1976 as a temporary facility for the bicentennial, however it remains in full use today. The current stables are outdated and no longer meet the needs of the Park Police. Moisture problems and associated rot, mildew and poor ventilation are currently posing safety concerns for both the officers and their horses. The highly visible location of the site requires an aesthetic character that is reflective of the history and dignity of the National Mall.

Future Vision

Construction of a new stable is urgently needed to improve the facility for the unit — including improved turn-out, proper drainage, secure police staff offices and an interactive educational area for visitors. Once completed, the new U.S. Park Police Stables will become a new principal destination on the National Mall and an integral part of the visitor experience.


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