Coca-Cola Keeps the National Mall Green

"In the past year, almost 130 tons of material have been recycled and diverted from landfill." - Making a Difference at America's Most Visited National Park (Coca-Cola Journeys)

The Coca-Cola Company, in partnership with the Trust, the National Park Service, and the National Park Foundation, launched the National Mall Recycling Program in November 2010 to improve the beauty of the park, advance consumer recycling programs and assist the Mall in reducing its environmental footprint. The partnership is rooted in Coca-Cola’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the National Park Service’s goal of cutting waste tonnage in half by 2020.

The Coca-Cola Company has made recycling on the Mall easy and convenient, with more than 320 permanent blue recycling bins available to visitors and an additional 400 temporary bins available for large-scale events. Partnering with the Trust, Coca-Cola has sponsored public education advertisements on the Mall and in nearby Metro stations to inform visitors about the availability and importance of the recycling bins.

As a result of these efforts, the National Park Service has seen approximately 20% of its trash on the National Mall diverted to recycling. The Trust and Coca-Cola continue to work together to protect the National Mall  and educate visitors on how recycling benefits America’s most visited national park and our communities.

Coca-Cola keeps the Mall green