Construction On Key Part Of National Mall Levee Will Begin Again This Month

Sarah Anne Hughes

- DCist
As DCist previously reported, the contractor charged with constructing the 17th Street Closure Structure was fired in April by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. "The Corps made this difficult decision after multiple attempts to help them find solutions in meeting key milestones and making progress towards completion," a public affairs specialist said a the time.
The Corps announced today that insurance company "Colonial Surety Company has reached an agreement with Akima Construction Services" to complete the work, which is part of a project to protect the city from flood waters.
"We are thrilled that this agreement was made," Col. Trey Jordan, Baltimore district commander, said in a release. "We look forward to getting back to the important job of reducing the risk of flooding to downtown Washington, D.C."
The work is expected to start October 7 and should be completed by next summer. "The work that remains includes sidewalk paving and manufacturing the remaining posts and panels, which are the main elements of the structure," a release states. "The posts and panels are placed into the structure during a high water event in order to prevent localized flooding."
Chris Augsburger, chief of public affairs for the Baltimore district, said the federal government shutdown shouldn't affect the start date: "There could be changes to the schedule should the shutdown continue for several weeks."