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05/13/14 | NBC TODAY Show

The iconic D.C. landmark welcomes back visitors on Monday for the first time since it was damaged by an earthquake in 2011. Al Roker reports....

Elena Schneider
05/12/14 | The New York Times
Nearly 670 feet of cracks are sealed, and loose stones are once again fixed in place at the 130-year-old Washington Monument, which defines...
Katia Hetter
05/12/14 | CNN
Fresh off a $15 million, nearly three-year repair job, the Washington Monument reopened Monday.
One of Washington'...
Caroline Cunningham
05/11/14 | The Huffington Post
Almost as soon as news broke that the Washington Monument had been damaged by a rare 5.8-magnitude earthquake in the summer of 2011, Elizabeth...
Nick Corasanti
05/11/14 | The New York Times

It has played host to civil rights marches, presidential inaugurations, fireworks displays and decades of picnics. But in recent years the...

Michael E. Ruane
05/10/14 | Washington Post

The cracks have been repaired. The stone has been patched. The elevator is fixed.

The 500 tons of scaffolding have been down for weeks, and...

Brett Zongker
05/02/14 | Associated Press
What would TV’s first lady Mellie Grant do if she saw the nation’s most-visited national park falling into disrepair?
Brett Zongker
05/01/14 | Associated Press
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says the National Mall needs a face lift and that it won’t likely happen without private donations to help the...
Michael E. Ruane
04/30/14 | Washington Post

The Washington Monument will reopen May 12 with a ceremony hosted by Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, National Park Service Director...