First Lady of 'Scandal' draws inspiration from real life politics

Jummy Olabanji


Bellamy Young has been in the spotlight for years, starting her career on Broadway. But on her very first episode of “Scandal,” she only had two lines.
“I was supposed to do just three episodes...Shonda was going to write in a presidential divorce and just be done with the character," she explains.
But three episodes turned into three seasons, and now Mellie Grant is TV’s First Lady that people either love to hate -- or hate to love.
“This is the first time I've grown with a character, and it's been extraordinary," says Young.
Young recently visited D.C. as part of a tour with the Trust for the National Mall. The North Carolina native says she loves visiting the real nation's capital – a city known for some scandals of its own.
For the show, Young says she draws inspiration from other women who have stuck by their high-profile men:
“I think you draw from everyone's grace or everyone's ugliness. You draw strength, you draw from people's weakness. You just take little bits.”
Young tells us that in some ways, she's just like Mellie Grant – especially when it comes to loyalty. But when it comes to love:
ABC7: "Would Bellamy tell Mellie to stick with Fitz or go with Andrew?"
Bellamy: "I think Bellamy would know better than to tell Mellie anything!"
With season four scheduled to kick off this September, we tried to see if Young had any scoops on what to expect.
“I have no idea, and I sort of enjoy not knowing because it's in such good hands," she says. "So we will see. Who knows? With Shonda, anything is possible.”
No doubt Bellamy is right about that!