U.S. Park Police Stables

Developing a principal destination on the Mall.

The U.S. Park Police stables have the potential to be an attractive and integral aspect of the National Mall that highlights the distinguished service of the mounted Park Police units.

Located in Ash Woods by the Korean War Memorial, the current state of the stabledoes not reflect the tradition of one of the oldest established police equestrian units in the United States.

The stables are in dire need of rehabilitation for the comfort and continued excellence of the Park Police who serve the National Mall. 

Within the National Mall Plan, the U.S. Park Police stables are slated to be rebuilt to be compatible with the historic character and quality of the National Mall. Aspects of the plan include creating primary access to the stables from Independence Avenue as well as more visibility of the horses to enhance and be part of the visitor experience. Once completed, the U.S. Park Police Stables and facilities will become a new principal destination on the National Mall.

The first step in this endeavor is to commission a Master Plan study of the site and the future program for the facility to examine the feasibility of rebuilding the USPP stables in concert with other facilities that are planned adjacent to the stables.

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