Marcy's Story

Sharing a passion for World War II.

I became interested in volunteering at the WWII Memorial because of my love for WWII history. I have never served in the military or taken college level courses on WWII, but it has become a great passion of mine. Sharing this passion with visitors brings me great satisfaction. When at the Memorial I truly feel as though I am welcoming folks to my home and want them to enjoy their experience as much as possible.
I realize that the WWII Memorial is not always on everyone's list when visiting the Nation's Capital, but hopefully after spending a little time there they will feel truly rewarded by the awesomeness of their surroundings and the history of all that their eyes can see. I love showing visitors on a map just how easy it is to walk around and get the most out of their visit. They are usually surprised how accessible and FREE our sights are.
There is not a day that goes by when I am at the WWII Memorial that I cannot believe how lucky I am. If I look to my right I see the Lincoln Memorial, to my left is the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial is just ahead. All of America's history and culture is within a short walk… it’s amazing!

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