Trust for the National Mall 2013 Annual Report - page 5

It is an enormous honor and responsibility to oversee one of America’s most iconic treasures.
Because the National Mall is large in size and even larger in stature, this stewardship
requires a team of passionate supporters. For me, a highlight of 2013 was witnessing that
passionate support—from the Trust for the National Mall’s generous donors, from the
National Mall and Memorial Parks team, and from millions of park visitors.
Thanks to this support, the Washington Monument shines a little brighter, the newly restored
grass lawn is staying a little greener, and the history of the World War II Memorial is
reaching a little further. Our successful public-private partnership with the Trust for the
National Mall shows how much can happen to help advance the park’s mission when
people share a vision and work together to achieve it. You literally can see the difference!
I’d like to extend my personal gratitude to our community partners, the many volunteers who
support us every day, and the loyal staff who have dedicated their careers to improving,
protecting and sustaining America’s most-visited National Park.
Thank you all for another great year. It was challenging in many ways, but it was also an
eventful and festive year in which we hosted a presidential inauguration, another spectacular
Fourth of July celebration, and the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington.
With your continued support, we can ensure that the history that is experienced and
reflected upon on the National Mall endures in the coming year, and for generations.
Robert Vogel
Superintendent, National Mall and Memorial Park
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